CMIP5 Model Metadata

Model Centre Metadata Entry

Choose your centre from below:

Test Area

In this section, you can either look at an example of what is expected in terms of filling out the questionnaire, or use the test centre to 'play' with the questionnaire before entering information for real

Metadata Feeds Available

These are atom feeds to the xml documents which have been published from the metadata entry.

XML documents are not meant for humans. Links to catalogues and portals for CMIP5 data and metadata will appear here when they are available.

Tools Section

Ensemble Member Information

Choose a centre to view ensemble member information for each of the simulations described by that centre

Metadata Tables

Use the links below to generate metadata documentation tables

Published CIM Documents

Follow the link to see a list of published documents from the CMIP5 Questionnaire. Please note that the table may take a few minutes to load.

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